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Laurie Larsen, MA, 
LCPC, PhD Candidate

Clinical Supervisor
Salem Counselor

Amber Weyhrich, MA 
Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Amber has been working with people for the past 20 years in a variety of settings. She provides a unique approach that has come from supporting, challenging and accepting people from all walks of life and relationship dynamics. Amber provides counseling that is solution focused and believes that change happens when two people slow down and connect face to face. She provides a protected space so that you can explore, process and wrestle with your situation, thoughts and feelings. Finding meaning, clarity and purpose in whatever you face helps you find the opportunity and gift that life’s struggles present to us.  She also specializes in faith-based counseling that integrates your spiritual journey into your counseling process. 

Amber believes that good therapy will help you connect your thoughts, values and feelings to your choices and circumstances, resulting in a greater peace and happiness.  She provides understanding, acceptance and appreciation towards the variety of viewpoints, values and experiences that clients bring with them. She understands we are all imperfect people trying to do our best and make meaning of our life.  Her understanding that the brain functions best when it is hopeful helps you overcome negativity and find the value & healing in whatever you have experienced. Slowing down and taking time to discover what you need, helps you to grow into a more confident, secure and focused person that can overcome any challenge.

​Amber will support you no matter what, help you look at your situation with a new perspective, assist you to find strength to move forward, and gently challenge you to accept yourself with all of your weaknesses so that you can be more present in your life and make better choices. Her professional and personal experience with life’s hardships, children, teens, organizations, couples, men and women with a variety of struggles is matched with her training, education, supervision and mentor-ship.